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Atelier d’évaluation des activités d'accompagnement des communautés du Lualaba (23-24 novembre)

En vue de clôturer les activités prévues au programme de 2017 avec les communautés, AFREWATCH organise, du 23 au 24 novembre 2017, un atelier d’évaluation des activités du projet sur le renforcement des capacités et l'accompagnement des communautés riveraines des entreprises minières dans la province du Lualaba. 

RDC : le travail des enfants dans les mines en chiffres

Le 30 août à Kinshasa, Lambert Matuku Memas, le ministre d’État en charge de l’Emploi et de la Prévoyance sociale, a annoncé que le pays s’engageait à éliminer le travail des enfants dans le secteur minier d'ici à 2025.

Congo-Kinshasa: Is Child Labor the Price for E-Cars?

In May 2015, Armistead, her colleague Mark Dummett and a staff of the African mining resources monitoring group, AFREWATCH, researched the conditions of cobalt mining in the DR Congo for an article they titled: "This is what we die for." When the report was published in January 2016, it caused a lot of stir due to its damning documentation of child labor in the artisanal mining sector.

Historic agreement between Heineken and former Congolese workers seeking remedy in labour rights dispute

Heineken and factory workers previously employed by Heineken’s Congolese subsidiary, Bralima, have reached an agreement after 168 of the workers filed a complaint against the Dutch beer brewer for abuses of the workers’ rights. The complaint alleged Heineken had breached human rights standards outlined in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and sought remedy in the form of monetary compensation. Details of the agreement, which was facilitated by the Dutch National Contact Point (NCP), are to remain confidential, but all parties describe the outcome as satisfactory. Netherlands-based SOMO and Congo-based AFREWATCH, both members of the OECD Watch network, supported and advised the workers throughout the process.